Electrical components

Circuit Breakers

Sensata Airpax Circuit Breakers are highly accurate and reliable.
The base is the hydraulic magnetic principle,
where the switching point is not affected by means of temperature,
between – 40º C and + 85ºC. So 16 Amp. is 16 Amp.!


Sensata Airpax thermostats and temperature sensors are extremely reliable and versatile.
The base is a very extensive standard range in which many variation is possible.

Small Precision Motors

Coreless DC motors
From our partner Allied Motion
Smooth handling, Silent in comparison with Iron core motors, various voltages, options such as special cable/ connector and shafts are possible.

Ironcore DC Motors
From our partner Micromotors
Universal motors, compact design. Various voltages, options such as encoder; special shafts are possible.

Brushless DC motors
From our partner Allied Motion
Low noise level, long life as there are no brushes, various voltages, smooth handling

Stepper- and synchronous motors
From our partner Allied Motion
A selection of small stepper motors provides you the possibility to have a simplified way to achieve the realisation of your application.
From zero rpm on, these motors provide an efficient high power.
Small synchronous motors for easy drive at constant speed.


  • Relays: model WW24 and WW230
  • Floor detector (in between): Grey model FE
  • Floor detector (end): Red model AFE


AI-Tek (formerly Airpax Instruments) has been manufacturing electromechanical products for the demanding industry already for many years, active in the field of monitoring and control of movements.

Products such as robust tachometers and speed sensors.
For more information check out www.aitekinstruments.com