Flooding can result in large economic damage to companies and institutions.
Causes of flooding in buildings may include: a rise in groundwater; leakage;
excessive rainfall or flood.

Consequences: stall business/production processes; damage to equipment; damage to stocks; loss data;
loss/damage from valuable goods/(art) objects.

To prevent irreparable damage, is an early warning of flooding essential.
With our water detection products you create a simple and accurate system for drainage/. flooding detection

Fields of application for water detection, including: switchingrooms, archive areas, production floors, cellars, datacenters, Storage/ warehouses, Museum areas and areas where several liquid lines (piping) are crossing eachother.


Relays: model WW24 and WW230
Floor detector (in between): Grey model FE
Floor detector (end): Red model AFE

Waterdetectionset by means of cable

Relays: model LKC-1500
Detection by means of cable